The Happiness Blueprint

We develop blueprints for buildings and bridges, vehicles and machines. We plan strategically for the future of our businesses, our communities and organizations. But what about the smallest and most crucial units of our society, the foundation on which everything else is built—the family and the individual?

Hi, I'm Kelly Rudyk.

I am a University of Alberta graduate—a major in Economics and a Local Government Certificate inspired my career at Strathcona County, to which I dedicated nearly 30 years. As Director of Corporate Planning, I received a Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) Award for the implementation of Priority Based Budgeting, a tool I now use as an independent consultant to help improve the lives of families and the operations of organizations and communities.

Why a Happiness Blueprint?

Family and relationships are the most important things in my world. My wife and I have nurtured our two children and grown a very close-knit family built on trust and mutual support. Every day I am grateful to see how the many tools we’ve given our children help them to grow and succeed.

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